IIT madras MS written & interview experience 2016

IIT Madras is one of the old iits and it attracts many high gate rankers in CSE. Talking about masters program in CSE, it has two programs Mtech and MS,  former is a fixed 2 yrs program where you do more number of courses whereas latter is a  research oriented program where focus is on working in a particular area.some facts about MS in CSE

1.Duration of MS program is not fixed and it generally takes 2.5-3 yrs to complete.It largely depends on you and your guide.At iitm average duration is around 3 yrs.

2.Placement opportunities are equal for Mtech and MS.

3.Its better if you have some idea about the field in which you want to do the research however its not a pre -requisite as you will be spending some time doing the background subjects.

4.MS is like a mini phd so if you want to get a taste of research, MS is for you.You may be able to get recommendations from professors for phd in good foreign universities since you would already have done some research during ur MS.

5.publishing a research paper is highly recommended. 

IITM calls for MS applications 2 times Once in the month of march and other in October.Its better to visit and check official CSE website for admission notification during these months(http://www.cse.iitm.ac.in/).

The procedure for admission varies from year to year but generally it will be one or more rounds of test followed by interview.

The Details of the programme can be found in thispdf:  https://research.iitm.ac.in/brochure/msphd_brochure_jan-2017.pdf

Ms winter session (2016),  forms are out : check https://research.iitm.ac.in/


My own Experience:

There were two rounds

written consisted of objective type questions covering all major subjects of gate syllabus

namely algo,ds,co,c,dbms.there were about 30 questions.

after an hour or so A list containing names of applicants selected for second round was put in CSE department.I was selected.

Next I waited few hours for my interview,my turn came late in evening

I entered the interview room ,there were about 8 professors , first they asked about me and my work and why i am interested in this program. 

 Later i had to choose subjects from a list of available subjects eg Algo and ds, co, os etc.

I choosed algo and ds.I was supposed to explain answers on the whiteboard using marker.

first question they asked was Given only a pointer to a node to be deleted in a singly linked list, how do you delete it? Which i answered. Then they ask what if its last node .They were not completely satisfied by my answer. Then I was asked to create a structure for a link list node. Later they asked about binary trees. I was asked to prove E=V-1 for trees and why in general it must hold true. 

Interview lasted about 20 to 30 minutes.Sometimes they will try to put you in some pressure and i think its to check how well you handle those situations.so you should try your level best at that time instead of giving up and directly saying i don’t know.

I will be adding more details soon..





3 thoughts on “IIT madras MS written & interview experience 2016

  1. Hi Anurag Sir. Thanks for sharing your experience of IIT Madras MS. Apart from IIT Madras I also wanted to apply for MS program at different IIT’s like IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur. Can you please guide the way by which we can apply for the same? Thanks.


  2. procedure to apply is same as for mtech, check respective department websites for admission notifications. There will be programming test, written test and interview for MS at iit kanpur.


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